Mark's Drum Lesson Notes

Double bass single stroke subdivisions

Dig, Mudvayne. Godsmack - Whatever

Dig, Mudvayne. Syncopation, Lesson Eleven

Straight Out of Line, Godsmack. Composure - August Burns Red

Stick control page 13 #1, and Accents and Rebounds

The Agonist. Drum Mics.

Dig - Mudvayne, Bark at the Moon - Ozzy.

Encyclopedia of Bass page 9 #1

Blocks of Rock 27, 28

Blocks of Rock 26, 27. Encyclopedia Double Bass page 9 #5-9

Blocks of Rock 26, 27

Syncopation Lesson Ten on double bass.

Syncopation Lesson Eleven

Run to the Hills. Syncopation Lessons Nine and Ten. 1/16th w/ click

Paranoid. Voodoo.

Blocks of Rock page 25. (Displacement)

Blocks of Rock page 11 on ride. L.A. Woman - Doors

Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Four on the Floor. Queen.

Satisfaction w/ Lesson 4 #3 and hats.

Syncopation Lesson One - Four. Lesson Four two-handed and one-handed.

Heel Up for Rock Bass

Grip - French fingers/German fingers and wrist

Stick Bounce

Make the Click Disappear

Set List of songs your guitarist wants to do.

Syncopation #1

**1/8th note hi hats with 1/4 note snare (both hands on "1", left on "+")