Allison Drum Lesson

Can't Touch This. boom boom pow

75% A Hard Day's Night.

ET. Firework.

Hey Soul Sister. ET, page 49 #3. Offbeats, page 17. Cross sticking, De do do do, de da da da.

page 17 offbeats.

2-handed 1/16ths, ET. A Hard Day's Night.

stick flips and paradiddles for summer

Lemonade Mouth Taio Cruz "Higher"

Yellow. All the Small Things.

Katy Perry ET

"The Bugs beat" 3 14 11. Teenage Dream. Raise Your Glass.

It's A Party. A Hard Day's Night, page 16 #7

Carrie Underwood Undo It, has beat #5, blocks of rock

multiple bounce roll. Adding bass and crash to We Will Rock You beat

paradiddle on two voices. Beverly Hills @ 82%.

Basic rock beat with around the kit fill (right hand lead) ss 11 22 333 22 11 sss ss crash on 1. Beverly Hills @ 82%.

basic rock beat

1) Four on the Floor. 2) 1/8th note Rock Beat, w crash on one, and a fill around the set.

roll around the kit starting on high tom. Moving the "one" on the roll around the kit, starting with RL on the snare. 4/4 3/4 5/4.

double paradiddle and triple paradiddle w click @ 130. Four on the Floor. Basic Rock Beat.

paradiddle w click. traditional grip. playing your sticks

Double paradiddle w accent.

Four on the Floor

add bass. Lesson One Syncopation. Paradiddle.

4/4, 3/4, 5/4, roll. Four on the Floor with bass and snare.

eight on a hand. paradiddle, hit the center. Check your T fulcrum.

roll around the kit, variation keeping rt hand on floor tom

twist and shout. billie jean

roll around the snare/toms, back to snare

buzz roll/ let the stick bounce

We Will Rock You

Oh, Pretty Woman 8+1