Andy's Drum Lesson Notes

Stick control warm up. block 11 pg 51

pg 77 and 56. What It's Like, Everlast

Jamie's Cryin', Hotel California. Stick control flams

you really got me. wild thing. gloria.

flams, smells like teen spirit pg. buzz roll

spa da da

Buddy Rich trick. stick control double stroke 1/16ths

synco triplets pg 53. lazy song page 30

stick control. synco triplets

50 Ways. double stroke rolls. accenting second stroke, up down. vic firth website.

hand/foot, counting hand hits. paradiddle pattern between floor tom and snare, with kick between each stroke. Left hi hat foot matches right hand on floor, 3/4 time, snare on 1 and + of 2. D'yer M'ker. Misty Mountain Hop.

Icky Thump. Double kicks. Blackwell in 7. 2 snares, 2 kicks.

Heartbreaker LZ. Blocks page 55.

Play That Funky Music

page 30. Lazy Song. Sweet Emotion page 39 #12

page 30. Steady As She Goes

building blocks of rock up to page 30.

building blocks of rock up to page 21.

Honky Tonk Women

Steady as She Goes.

Another Brick in the Wall. Beverly Hills. displacement 1,2,3 kicks

blocks of rock with double left fill in notes. triplets. displacing accents w 1/16 single stroke roll. bass drum displacement

Another Brick in the Wall. Beverly Hills.

Seven Nation Army

Steve Gadd shuffle. Samba for independence.

triplet beats, shuffles

Yellow and Bop

Yellow. Hella Good. Another One Bites the Dust.

Counting. Syncopation Lesson One w click @ 110


Hella Good, for open hi hat