Antonio's Drum Lesson Notes

dynamics, up up down down. Tom Sawyer

paradiddle grid w hi hat. paradiddle fill, toms & crashes. flams in Stick Control #1-3

paradiddle grid w hi hat. Tom Sawyer

STick Control page 12, buzz roll. paradiddle grid w accents. Blocks of Rock page 19.

paradiddle accents, 80 bpm 1/4 note click. buzz roll. paradiddle grid.

paradiddle grid. 4 strokes down up tap full. Accenting the paradiddle. paradiddle on snare and hat.

More Beatles. (Work on reading.)

Ticket to Ride. 2-handed 16ths. Samba, 1/4 hat, 1/8th hat. Day Tripper. Drive My Car.

Beatles - Birthday, Helter Skelter, Help!, Ticket to Ride. Blocks of Rock page 49.

Syncopation Lesson 11 40 bar review

Ob la di, Ob la da - Beatles. Blocks of Rock page 11 #2. Get Back - Beatles - Syncopation Lesson 11 #13

What Goes On? - Beatles. Blocks of Rock page 11 straight, then swung.

Syncopation 40 bar. Another One Bites the Dust. Satisfaction. Paradiddle Grid. German Grip.

Syncopation up to Lesson Eleven and 40 bar exercise. Another One Bites the Dust.

Syncopation up to Lesson TEn. Lesson Eleven #6

Syncopation up to Lesson Nine #4

Syncopation Lesson One Two. Three. Four, add left on "and". Five, left is delayed, on the "a". Six, one right, two lefts. Heel up on bass, for louder bass note.

Stick Control page 5 & half of 6. Syncopation Lesson One & Lesson Two

Stick Control page 5, #1-8

German vs. French grip

dribble the stick like a basketball

buzz roll, let the stick boune as you move across the drum

The End - Beatles

Helter Skelter - Beatles