Cindy's Drums

1/16th note triplet left hand fillers. Sting

pg 56 (#7 for "Walk This Way").

pg 56 (#7 for "Walk This Way").

fill starting on 3e+a4e+a. (4, 6, 8, 12 stroke fiills) starting on "4" for 4 and 6 strokes, starting on "3" for 8 and 12

Syncopation Lesson 10 and/or 11. set click to workout speed. push speed up everyday.

stick control triplets, left lead, right stays on floor. Firework. Good Life

paradiddle pattern with right hand, playing peart triplets

Sweet Emotion

page 55 Onerepublic Good Life.

Triplet hands/foot combinations. R L F (Right Left Foot). L R F (Left Right Foot). Right stays on floor tom, left travels. Left stays on high tom, right travels. Traveling hand can go either direction, clockwise, counter-clockwise, and combinations.

Open hats and Sweet Emotion

page 15. LA Woman.

block #2 and block #8 page 39.

pages 37 with 1/4 and 1/8ths. block #9

A Hard Day's Night. Stick control 10 & 14. cross sticks, not hands.

use page 19 fills with block 4 exercises. block 7 first page

up to block #7 four on the floor .

page 21. The Verve Bittersweet Symphony (#3). John Mayer Half my Heart (#4), Beatles Twist and Shout (#5)

page 19 no hi hat pedal. page 49 2-handed 1/16ths. Country Grammar, Nelly 1/8th and 1/6th hats alternating. ET page 11 #5, also use page 25 #4 (and #8 with extra bass), page 49 #3 for chorus

brushes accenting ellipse. get back.

And She Was. Block #5. Bass technique, Steve Smith. Flams.

page 17 #4 2-bar "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins.

page 16 #7 & 12.

page 17 #1 Firework, Katy Perry verses ("get back" beat using hi hats, in chorus and/or outro). page 17 #3 Come As You Are, Nirvana (2-bar) with extra bass on + of 1 in second bar.

page 16 #7 & 12

budd rich chunks. Get Back beat, when left hand is removed, is the beat on page 11, #11, w/ right hand only on snare.

Syncopation triplets, count bars (or quarter notes) out loud, Lars. buddy rich trick

Syncopation triplets. Bring pedal. All songs.

Blocks page 12 Stay or Go #2, Smooth #4, Hotel #3.

dynamics with single roll. Blocks page 33 #1-4

grip. shoulder gravity grip exercise. 4-stroke roll.

OAR Shattered. Syncopation Lesson Three page 53-57

Syncopation 34-37. OAR Shattered, Blocks pg 11 #4. more dn dn up ups

switching from "dn dn up up" to "up up dn dn"

Accenting single stroke roll: dn dn up up, up up dn dn, dn up tap. Blocks, basic beats 2,4,5.

Accenting. Blocks, basic beats 2,4,5.

Paradiddle, Down, Up, Tap, Tap

Full moeller, from the shoulder, rowing. Synco page 25 #13 for Get Back

Full strokes, one hand. Down, Tap, Up combination, one hand. For "upstroke" - Pinocchio string lifts wrist, German style, Moeller motion.

Flam Tap "trade tap". (blocks page 17 #4, tickets chorus)

Synco thru page 49.

open and close fingers with stick hanging over shoulders. syncho lesson five. lesson six. Stick Control page 8 click 100bpm. add snare on 2 to Two Tickets beats

Four on the floors with 1/8th note hi hats. Satisfaction, Lesson 4 #3.

4/4 3/4 5/4 2/4 roll 2/4 roll

Eddie Money, Two Tickets to Paradise 1 2 3+ on bass, 4 on snare, + of 4 on hi-hat. Lesson Four 140bpm two hands, 120bpm one hand, alternating hands every bar, focus #1 #5 #9 #11 & #15 at various tempos

Get Back, righty Ringo style. 1/4 on both feet with paradiddles.

Get Back, Lesson Eleven #13.

franki who loves you, 76. Smoke on the Water 100. de do do do, cross stick

Stick Control, at 1/8th = 160. Syncopation Lesson Four #11 at 1/4=110, 120, 130...

Thumb control.

Syncopation Lesson One Two and Three

paradiddle grid