Connor's Drum Lessons


AC/DC closed Thunderstruck. Block #5

playing blocks closed. 2-handed 1/16ths

1/4 note hi hats. paradiddles on snare and bell. paradiddle-diddle

Every Breath You Take

I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Ten Seconds to Love

Block Page 18

Shelby, four on the floor, Business

Block Page 18

Grid with no resting

Get Back. Paperback Writer. Revolution.

Blitzkrieg Bop.

Beverly Hills

Seven Nation Army. Blitzkrieg Bop.

Eye of the Tiger. Seven Nation Army. When You're Good to Mama.

Another One fill. Yellow.

Rock You Like a Hurricane. 1979. Half My Heart. No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Don't Fear the Reaper. Say It Ain't So, off beats.

Half of My Heart, full speed. 12110

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Four on the Floor

Don't Fear the Reaper

A Hard Day's Night. Deacon Blues

half of my heart. hotel california. business

Twist & Shout

Wig 19:30-27:64 71

Appice double bass. Four on the Floor songs.

Four on the Floor songs. Ob li da.

Syncopation Lesson Twelve #4. Four on the Floor

Syncopation 48 bar

Syncopation 40 bar

Move Along. Soca.

Syncopation Eleven #27-36. 40 bar

Syncopation Eleven #15-27

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G clef. Move Along - AAR. Double stroke rolls. Snare>toms>Floor roll

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G clef.

Audition on the 11th, half-notes. Lesson Nine. 20 bar. Lesson Ten #15. Traditional/Orthodox Grip.

Audition on the 11th. Lesson Nine.#8

Lesson Seven. Lesson Eight w/ click at 80bpm

Lesson Five, 20 bar. Lesson Six, done. Lesson Seven #1.

Lesson Five, 20 bar.

Lesson Five, #8.

Lesson Four, with toms.

Lesson Four, 20 bar exercise.

Syncopation Lesson Four 20 bar exercise. Paradiddles. RLRR LRLL

Paradiddle Grid. Syncopation Lesson Three. Lesson Four, Left hand lead up to #8

Syncopation Lesson Two w/ Click (Metronome). Paradiddle Grid introduction. On to Lessson Three #1-10

Syncopation Lesson One completed

Single Stroke Roll

Double Stroke Roll


Blocks of Rock - page 11 & page 12 up to #3