Courtney's Drum Lesson Notes

Luna, wolf pup from Bisbee Hotel. Mean

Season of the Witch

Our Song talent show. Toast. Beat your kitchen

Another One Bites the Dust

Moves Like Jagger, four on the floor. Sweet Home Alabama on drums and guitar.

California Gurls. Read My Hips. Everytime We Touch

Open G. Dust in the Wind. Smoke on the Water. Thanks for the Memories

China Anne McClain Dynamite

ET at different tempos

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Another Brick Live

Business. (Beat It.)

Seven Nation Army. Another Brick in the Wall. Beat It. Offbeat and four on the floor, bass on 1, 3, 4, 1, 2, + of 3

Business. (Beat It.)

Twinkle/ABCs. Ode to Joy. Our Song - Taylor Swift. Lynx. Real Ts and A Whopper.

All the Small Things

Four on the Floor w hats and bass. Guitar, sunshine of your love on first three strings.

Fall Out Boy, Thanks for the Memories, four on the floor

paradiddle RLRR LRLL one minute, double paradiddle RLRLRR LRLRLL almost one minute

roll around the toms

We Will Rock You

Syncopation Lesson Four, #10

Syncopation Lesson Three, stickings, paradiddle variations

Handsonic. Syncopation, Lesson One

Stick Control. Cymbal instrument invented. 

Tuning drums.

Sloshy hats sounds like bells ringing