Emalee's Drum Lesson Notes

displacement with just bass drum

Part of Me, Katy Perry. "Do anything" is not the same as "do everything". block 6. buddy rich

Blocks of rock beats/fills with twist and shout, half of my heart, bittersweet symphony.

Christmas page 29, Lazy song. displacement. Stereoeo Hearts. pttt halftime! nonos

Blind page 28. Cali Gurls and Firework. Two handed 1/16ths.

I Want to Hold Your Hand. 12 bar blues

Firework, Katy Perry. Demi Lovato. Every Breath You Take

Last Friday Night TGIF 90%

ET fast. offbeats page 17

ET fast.

Sweater Song. Eleanor Rigby. baby

ET. Come Together, Beatles

crashing on 1. "Dreamer"

Katy Perry E.T. and Teenage Dream.

Lesson Three. The Reason, Hoobastank. Blocks of Rock #4 & #5. Yellow. Stick Control

(pads for practice) four on the floor

Stick Control workout. Syncopation Lesson One, Two.

Stomp. Syncopation Lesson One, Two.

Paradiddle Grid 4-2-1

Single Paradiddle


Double Paradiddle


Triple Paradiddle