Ian's Drum Lesson Notes

Performing Percussionist Five STroke Roll

Duets with click at 80. 1/8ths. dotted 1/4.

Roll Studies page 23 - 27

Duets with click at 80. 1/16ths.

Duets page 43 & 44 up to #1 player one and two. Performing Percussionist

Duets page 43 at 120 bpm. Performing Percussionist

Paradiddle Grid

page 14 & 15 in The Performing Percussionist. Paradiddles. Buzz rolls, let the stick bounce.

America the Beautiful. Conductor motions. Solo #1, page 15

America, the Beautiful, at 110 beats per minute. Snare and cymbal parts

more book work with Click "Steady Eddie"

12/8/9/ ... worked out of his book...

a "line" is divided into "bars", bars are divided into quarters for 4/4 time signatures. 4 quarters in each bar. 

A bar can be divided any way we want, but often it's 4 (1/4 notes), into 8 (1/8th notes), also 16 (16th notes).

Play the first page with a metronome click. Make the click disappear.