Ken's Drum Lesson Notes

stick control 20 each to 12. page 53 with

triplets w flams.

samba, funk studies

spoon don't you evah

spoon don't you evah

interpol. bossa nova. clave.

cold war kids

lithium. cold war kids- something is not right with me

Maps. blocks page 14-15 and upbeat hats

Say it Ain't So. block #18

Say it Ain't So. displacement, three kicks


Police, Don't Stand So Close to Me

Interpol, Untitled


Blocks of Rock. page 54. Poison. Alpinestars, Burning Up. Sweet Emotion. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

Roxanne. Sweet Emotion. The National Mistaken for Strangers. Fake Empire

Clash. Cold War Kids, hang me up to dry 1 a2 beat, a4e+ fill, a3e+ 4e+a fill, open hat on + of 3 in beat. COLD WAR KIDS - WE USED TO VACATION Pixies Where is My Mind

Beverly Hills

Blitzkrieg Bop.

Syncopation Lesson Three with hi hat variations, 1/8 and two handed 1/16ths. Killers, Read My Mind. Displacement w backbeat.

Beck, Loser. Displacement w backbeat. The Secret Machines

Fives between hands and foot. 50 Ways. 5 stroke roll

Blocks of Rock, hat on the upbeat, pg 63. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon

Blocks of Rock, hat on the upbeat, pg 63.

1) hand/foot timing. 2) snare/kick, tom1/kick, tom2/kick, tom3/kick. snare/kick/snare/kick, tom1/kick/tom1/kick, tom2/kick/tom2/kic etc. 3) hand/foot 5's combinations. Walking on Sunshine. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

Rock Block page 17. Alice in Chains, Man in the Box. Beatles, Helter Skelter

Rock Block page 35. Come As You Are. Immigrant Song

Rock Block page 77. Come As You Are

Rock Block page 16 #9 &12. More... Come As You Are

Come As You Are

Bass Drum Displacement.

Page 31, 'x' on top of staff is ride, 'x' on bottom of staff is hi hat with the foot.

page 25-28

page 25

page 26 and 51 with click 130bpm 1/8th note click

Highway to Hell.

JOjo Mayer.

Jojo Mayer. Traditional grip. Moeller. Controlled bounce. Pull out accent. PUmping motion.

Blocks of Rock Page 16 with click 120.

Page 15.

Samba. Page 15.

Samba. Page 15.

Blocks of Rock Block #2

Blocks of Rock fills, page 20, 16 bar review. Block #2

Blocks of Rock fills, page 19, #1-11

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin. Blocks page 37 #10. We Got the Beat - Go gos. Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Killing Joke - Eighties. Under Pressure - Queen/Bowie. Blocks of Rock page 34. Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin. Blocks page 37 #10.

Samba foot pattern, w/upbeat hats and w/ 1/8th note hats. Blocks of Rock page 77.

Bass drum. Samba foot pattern. Blocks of Rock page 77, bass drum workout. Blast beat.

Blocks of Rock page 27. Page 11, 12, 13 with click 90-130bpm.

Strokes - Last Nite. page 37 #1 (minus kick on + of 3) and #11, for intro (& pre-chorus)

Strokes Last Nite. Blocks of Rock page 37. In Da Club. That Thing You Do. We Will Rock You.

Strokes - The Modern Age. Last Nite.

Blocks of Rock, page 27, 28 #3 for practice

We Will Rock You, click @ 110

Blocks of Rock, page 26 and 27 up to #8

Blocks of Rock, page 25. page 26 up to #12

Block of Rock, page 17, lock into down/up on hi hat. Look out for balance change right before a kick. Keep the hi hat sounding consistent.

Fives: on snare, toms, bass

Through page 24, beats with fills. Page 25, the "e".

Through page 20, "16 bar review". Page 21, beats with fills

Through page 20, "16 bar review"

Two-handed 1/16ths on hi hat. Page 49 & 50 Blocks of Rock

Two-handed 1/16ths on hi hat. Work on page 49 Blocks of Rock

Two-handed 1/16ths on hi hat

"Hella Good" No Doubt

We Got the Beat

#7 Beatles "A Hard Day's Night" & #12 with quarter note hats, keep the kicks even, hat lands on middle kick.

Come As You Are & Block 5 page 25 & 27

Come As You Are

The Hardest Button to Button

Block of Rock: don't rush the second kick (or snare) that's on the "and" count. skip pages 14 and 15, go to page 16. Page 16 #7 - good one to practice, it's the beat to "A Hard Day's Night" Beatles. Page 16 #12 - another good one to practice a lot

Blocks of Rock - Block #1

"Another One Bites the Dust" -  Queen - Four on the Floor

"Satisfaction" - Rolling Stones - Charlie Watts beat

"Seven Nation Army" - White Stripes