Lexi Drum

can't touch this

one direction. back in black

buddy rich. michael jackson

paradiddle-diddle, paradiddle-diddle, paradiddle. Boats offbeat. Fills in Blocks of Rock page 19

Slim Shady - Blocks of Rock page 12 #4.

sexy and I know it. The Cab - BAd.

offbeat. Say It Ain't So - Weezer. Love Stinks - J Geils.

sBlocks of Rock page 12 #3. Hotel California. TNT

synco lesson one

Lesson Eleven for Thriller beat. Billie Jean

Lesson Nine in Synco. Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5. Mrs. Right ft Diggy Simmons.

Smoke open on +a of 3. Billie Jean vocals.

Howlin' for You. Blocks of Rock pg 11 #2 Billie Jean

Blocks beat #5, ET, Beverly Hills. Single Stroke roll. Paradiddle. Smoke on the Water 112bpm.

Car Wash. Gurls. Seven Nation Army. Icky Thump

Smoke on the Water. Purple Haze. Cali Gurls fill 1 2 a3e+ 4 + (snoop fill 1e a + e 4e+a).

Blocks of Rock page 11 #5.

paradiddle grid. snare hits on click at 110. Smoke on the Water intro



No Rest for the Wicked

Sunshine of Your Love


Smoke on the Water

Low Rider 1 +a2 +a3 +a e+a1 +a2 +a3 +a4 +a