Noah's Drum Lessons

10 bar. 818

4 a day 20 times. workout sticks.

blocks of rock restart page 42. 44

blocks of rock #7, missed page 15 and 23. restart on 32

the rest of small things second page. paradiddle power. sweet home alabama on guitar /p>

the rest of small things second page. /p>

Heartbreaker, guitar. Beverly Hills & Just Lose It, drums

Syncopation page 52, triplets. Lazy Song. Iron Man. Whole Lotta Love

Iron Man. Stereo Hearts actual beat.

guitar - Brainstew (double stop chords). drums - jazz cookbook. Blocks of Rock block #5 starting on page 25

wake up call. jack sparrow same beat as stereo heart. the doors, love me two times

stereo hearts. sunshine of your love. lazy song

smoke on the water. sunshine of your love 72. page 8 & 9, four repeats. (empire state of mind.) Moves Like Jagger

blunk. CLEAN snare hits. page 8 & 9. practice single stroke, double stroke and paradiddles on snare. all I do is win. break your heart. lighters.

smoke on the water. sunshine of your love. page 8 & 9, four repeats.

practice log. Jazz, two bars.

Cooler Than Me Mike Posner rihanna live your life

Jazz up to 23.

Twinkle Little Star next octave up. Smoke on the Water. Sunshine of Your Love. jazz/p>

Twinkle Little Star. Remember the Name, Fort Minor LMFAO

4/6 assignment page 6 & 7 in Jazz Cookbook

jazz w hat

jazz no hat. Just Lose It - Eminem. Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones

20 minutes jazz. Not Afraid. Noob. 1 a2 + (3) + 4e. AsadF

1979 90%. Come As You Are. Epic Rap Battles

Boulevard of Broken Dreams. TNT. Dirty Deeds.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Blocks of Rock page 27

the One Drop. Could You Be Loved. Night Prowler AC/DC. Conan Theme Song

Blink 182 All the Small Things. Also, the One Drop.

Flams, snare rudiments. Eye of the Tiger. 1979, Blocks of Rock page 17 #4.

Flams, snare iments. Hella Good. I Gotta Feeling. Eye of the Tiger.

Four on the Floor. 7 nation Army, I Gotta Feeling, Eye of the Tiger, Satisfaction, Another One Bites the Dust, Just Lose It.

SYMom. LA Woman. Saints Go Marching In

Jazz beat, When the Saints Come Marching In, Louis Armstrong. With let4 let1 fill. Triplets. 3

Have a safe and boring Halloween. You know what's weird? War "Low Rider". The Ballad of the Noob. A Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash

Jazz beat. Come Together. Blocks of Rock Page 17. Paradiddles

Jazz beat. Walk This Way.

Play That Funky Music. Hotel California. Brown Eyed Girl

Hotel California

Pratice: Page 5 Stick Control. Page 11 Blocks of Rock. Jazz beat.


Paradiddles. Flams and Drags. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

Fives. Paradiddles. 9 stroke roll #1-12 Stick Control page 11.

Fives. Splash, Crash, Ride. 7 stroke roll #13 Stick Control page 11

Blocks of Rock pg 12 Highway to Hell. AC/DC Back in Black, Ride On, TNT

RLF LRF LRF LRF LRF LRF. Rock Blocks page 11, #3 - Wilson Pickett. Page 12, #4 - Deacon Blues, Steely Dan

Blocks of Rock #1-

Syncopation Lessons One- Four with click 100-120 (go back and do toms)

Keep foot on bass pedal