Sheryl's Drum Lessons

highway to hell

16 bar review. two kicks with crash

syncopation lesson one paradiddles. Can't Touch This

page 17. 1979. Come As You Are.

block 4 with fills. don't stop foster the people up to zpeed

Lesson Twelve. Lesson One page 47. Don't Stop, Foster the People

Lesson Eleven 23

Lesson Nine bars as fill bars

Syncopation Lesson Four 3 bars groove one bar fill, boogie wonderland

Syncopation Lesson One, Two, Three w/ 1/8th hats. Lesson Four 1/8ths, 1/4s next week.

Syncopation Lesson One with 1/8th note hats

Lesson Six at 90+. practice Lesson Four 20-bar exercise at 120+ .

Syncopation Lesson Four. 7/4 Money. Lesson Five

Back in Black breakdown, hands, snare-hi hat-crash. Highway to Hell

Back in Black guitar solo. Highway to Hell

AC/DC Back in Black. (It's a Long Way to the Top). Back in Black guitar solo. Highway to Hell

Beat It full speed. Blocks page 17. Fill around the 4 pc kit. Lady Gaga, Born This Way. Beatles Get Back

Blocks page 16. Dirty Deeds, chorus. MJ, Beat It.

Frankenstein, Blocks page 28. Dirty Deeds.

Triplets w 1/4 note click. Highway to Hell.

Boogie Wonderland. Triplets, stick control

opening the hi hat while playing four on the floor

Syncopation Lesson One, w/ hats @ 120bpm.

Syncopation Lesson One thru Three. White Stripes. Basic Rock on Floor tom instead of hats. two-handed 1/16th hats with four on the floor, Saturday Night Special

4/4 3/4 5/4 2/4 6/4. Another One Bites the Dust, Queen

Basic Rock beat, Who Made Who, AC/DC

Paradiddle: R L R R L R L L = Down Up Tap Tap Down Up Tap Tap

Four strokes:

Full  hi > hi

Down  hi > lo

Up   lo > hi

Tap  lo > lo

Snare rudiments using the four strokes:

Single stroke roll - R L R L ...

Double stroke (long roll) - R R L L ... (up down, up down)

Stick Control with metronome @ 160 (1/8th note click)