Trenton's Drum Lessons

The Police Message in a Bottle. Paradiddle grid accents and displacement.

Paradiddle grid with extra accents and displaced accent. Block 2 pattern page 16

Breaking the Girl 6/8. Blitzkrieg Bop full speed. Paradiddle Grid workout sticks one accent

"e a" Samba ride pattern. Breaking the Girl 6/8. Blitzkrieg Bop

Come As You Are, Blocks of Rock page 17. Chop Suey, page 28. Run to the Hills.

Samba, Songo, Soca. Come As You Are. Blocks of Rock.

Samba, on upbeat, 1e, 1e+

Syncopation with click One Two Three. No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Highway to Hell. Samba, 3 ride variations.

Hella Good. No Sleep Till Brooklyn.

Work on counting

hitting snare in center

Syncopation Lesson One with counting and click on 120

skipped Two, went Three