Tyler's Guitar Lessons

In the Air Tonight.

Four on the Floor w hats.

finished Lesson Ten.

finished Lesson Nine.

finished Lesson Eight.

Blocks of Rock page 11. Carmine double bass.

Blocks of Rock page 11 #4 and page 12 #3.

Lesson Eight, #5.

Rush. Metallica. High and Dry, Rolling Stones. Lesson Three #14

Lesson Eight.

Lesson Eight. Fill around the kit. Click at 140.

Lesson Six. Lesson Seven.

Lesson Five. Lesson Six

snare to floor, floor to snare, roll. Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi. Lesson Five, thru #8

snare to floor, floor to snare, roll.

Syncopation Lesson Five 1-6

Syncopation Lesson Three, Four

Syncopation Lesson Two #12

The Joker - Steve Miller Band

Sunshine. Wanted Dead or Alive. Em Pentatonic.

Satisfaction. Wanted Dead or Alive. Blues riff on E and A. Em pentatonic


Sunshine of Your Love. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd. TNT - AC/DC

Pickup selections. Smoke on the Water. Slow n' Easy

Chords E, A, D, A. Smoke on the Water.

Mission Impossible Theme

fret 5 - downstroke with pick

fret 7 - upstroke with pick

Sunshine of Your Love